About Us

Shirley Berthelet
Shirley Berthelet – She is a Mom to 6 amazing young adults, and one very adorable little granddaughter she has 4 different careers that keep her running; she is the secretary of Our Lady of Victories Church, she is a Yoga instructor at Anytime Fitness in Esterhazy, she is the co-owner of BreatheMoveBe and she is a Mom. Shirley is an amazing lady, kind hearted, compassionate and she embraces a healthy lifestyle to the fullest. She understands the necessity of education, physical fitness, proper nutrition and positive spirituality. Shirley is a Certified Yoga Instructor and will share this passion of hers with us at our Retreat. Shirley is adding a new element to our Retreat this year, she will offer Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga workshops in conjunction with our Retreat. These workshops are an added cost.
Samantha Down – She is a Mom to one beautiful little girl and a very active puppy named Peanut Butter. She is the founder of Maid Mariens Catering Samantha has passion coming out of all of her extremities, she is bubbly, she is fun (with a capital FUN) she is hilarious. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to pairing food, mixing ingredients and presenting the most amazing flavourful dishes – it truly is a Party in your Mouth when Sam is cooking. Sam is a Red Seal Chef, she will nourish us with the most amazing food, you will not want to leave. Sam will again be offering a cooking class this year. Spaces are limited so please book early.
Aura Zack – She is a Mom of 2 wonderful young adults. She is the quiet one of the bunch, always sporting a smile and ready to lend a helping hand. Aura is deeply dedicated to her physical fitness and brings to us an exciting element, she will teach us how to massage ourselves! Now who doesn’t love a massage? Aura is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the Framework and structure of our bodies, she is passionate about using our bodies and keeping them well balanced with proper athletic participation, appropriate stretching followed by muscle stimulation through massage. Aura is a Registered Massage Therapist and will be once again offering group sessions on self-massage as well as purposeful stretching. Aura has also added another element to this year’s retreat, she will be offering a 30-minute massage at an additional cost. Spaces are limited so please book early.
Jennifer Blair
Jennifer Blair – Jennifer is a Mom to 3 young children. She is a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Esterhazy, she is a Planner at Saskpro Machine Works Ltd., she is part of the Choir at the United Church and has the voice of an Angel. Seriously, I could listen to her all day. Jen, is compassionate, once you become her friend, she is a friend for life, she never gives up on anything or anyone. We are beyond excited to be adding Jen to our group, we know that she will be the perfect addition. Jen comes to us as a Certified Personal trainer, she is also working on Completing her FYI – Fitness Yoga Instruction with BreatheMoveBe. Jen will be offering strength training, tailored to our needs as well as a Power Yoga Class.
I am Linda Zeebeck, I have 3 children. 2 step children, 2 adorable grandchildren. In 2013 I retired at the age of 42, it took me 5 years to admit this or even utter these words with any kind of conviction. In 2014, I decided to go back to school to become a website designer simultaneously taking photography classes. That same year, I became the Camp Director at Camp O’Neill for the Youth Camp. I loved being the Camp Director at Camp O’Neill, I found my passion helping kids grow a love for the outdoors, celebrate life with laughter and understand there is a very loving God. I will bring to you some Christian Ministry, some tools to help us through the tough days. We realize that a lot of women that come to our Retreat are not “Religious’ that is OK, we are not teaching Religion, we are teaching Faith. This year we will explore the word Gratitude and what it means in our Life. If this isn’t your jam, it is a perfect opportunity to be by the beach reading a book or possibly indulging in some quiet time.
Megan Schreiner – Megan is a Mom to 3 amazingly active young children. Megan is passionate about life. If you need to get things done, they say to ask a busy person, Megan is our girl. She currently is a Teachers Assistant at the elementary school in Stockholm, she is attending University full time through distant education to realize her dream of becoming a teacher and she is the owner of Five Tree Meditation. Megan is a Certified Lifestyle Meditation Facilitator, she will once again be bringing all of her knowledge to us this year, she will guide us through meditation, she will educate us on how to work through Anxiety, she will give us the tools to guide us through the really tough days. Megan will also lead us through a quiet, unplugged 7 km hike up the Valley to give us time to reflect with our own thoughts, something we don’t often have the opportunity to do.

Each of us knows what it is to hustle, we know how to get the laundry list of chores, of meetings, being a taxi, a general manager of our homes, of our careers and of our lives. Each of us strives to be better every day, some days we fail, on those days we pull up our big girl panties, dust ourselves off and are thankful for the lessons that we learnt. Other days we succeed in small ways or in big ways, on those days we flippen celebrate! We celebrate our accomplishments, our dedication and our ability to hustle! We are all strong women!

Through the abundant knowledge that sets us apart in such a very unique way, we pray that each participant to our Retreat leaves us feeling connected, connected in every way imaginable Mind, Body and Spirit.

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