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We are very excited to Announce that we have some added elements to this years Retreat, these added elements connect our Mind Body and Spirit.  This is a four part registration form.

Registration Breakdown

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Retreat Registration

The first part registers you for the Retreat. Registration Cost is $400.

We are offering an Early Bird Discount of $50 if Registered and the first installment is received by April 30th. Therefore, you would owe $200 by April 30th and $150 on June 12th at Camp O’Neill.

If you are unable to Register by April 30th you would owe $200 by May 15th and $200 on June 12th at Camp O’Neill. All Cheques made payable to Connected Womens Wellness.

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Cooking Class

Cooking Class with Chef Sam from Maid Marien’s Catering.

Sam strives to enhance your experience by bringing a totally original menu to each event curating for each customers specific needs. She works hard to make an easy to use platform for your comments, questions, and concerns. She will make this class an amazing and memorable. No additional Cost.

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Yoga Certification

The third part will register you for Yoga Nidra Certification and or Restorative Yoga Certification with Shirley Berthelet from BreatheMoveBe. How exciting would it be to do your next yoga teacher training while on retreat? You can choose to register for both certifications and the retreat for a cost of $675.00, or one certification and the retreat for a cost of $525.00. We will work with the schedule to ensure you are able to take part in a wide variety of activities throughout the weekend.

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30-Minute Massage

The fourth part of this registration form is for a 30 Massage with Aura Zack from Zackly-Rite Massage Therapy.  Aura will be offering 30-minute massages for $35, this will be offered on a first come first serve basis. Registration for the massage is due by May 15th.

Download your 2020 registration form Here

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